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Invisible Text Character - Blank Space Copy And Paste

Invisible text characters, blank space, blank text, empty character and invisible letter copy and paste with unicode and HTML code. An invisible character or invisible text letter, you can copy from here. Click on the copy button to copy the blank character and use it anywhere like, WhatsApp messages, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, discord, TikTok. Also, use multiple invisible text generator to generate multiple invisible text characters.

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What is an invisible character or blank text?

An invisible character is nothing but white space. They are normally used to represent blank space and to send an empty message. Because of its characteristics, the system detects the empty character but, the viewer can't see the invisible space through eyes.

There are different types of spaces or invisible letters you can use. See the table below for more blank space characters.

Character Meaning Unicode HTML Code Hex Code JS/JAVA/C CSS
Space U+0020     \u0020 \000020
  No-Break Space U+00A0     \u00A0 \0000A0
แ Ž Mongolian Vowel Separator U+180E ᠎ ᠎ \u{180E} \180E
Hair Space U+200A     \u{200A} \200A
Zero Width Space U+200B ​ ​ \u{200B} \200B
Narrow No Break Space U+202F     \u{202F} \202F
Medium Mathematical Space U+205F     \u{205F} \205F
  Ideographic Space U+3000     \u{3000} \3000
 Zero Width No-Break Space U+FEFF   \u{FEFF} \FEFF
braille pattern blank U+2800 ⠀ ⠀ \u{2800} \2800
  En Quad U+2000     \u{2000} \2000
Em Quad U+2001     \u{2001} \2001
En Space U+2002     \u{2002} \2002
Em Space U+2003     \u{2003} \2003
Three-Per-Em Space U+2004     \u{2004} \2004
Four-Per-Em Space U+2005     \u{2005} \2005
Six-Per-Em Space U+2006     \u{2006} \2006
Figure Space U+2007     \u{2007} \2007
Punctuation Space U+2008     \u{2008} \2008
Thin Space U+2009     \u{2009} \2009

How to use this invisible text generator?

To generate multiple invisible text or letters, enter the number of characters in the input field and click on generate. The specified invisible characters will be generated, to copy them click on copy and, to send them to WhatsApp click on the WhatsApp share button.

How to use invisible text character, invisible text, blank text, invisible character
How to use invisible text generator?

How to send an empty/blank message on Whatsapp?

Just copy the invisible text from and paste it into the message bar and send.

Invisible characters, blank space, blank text, empty character,invisible letter copy and paste
Send an empty/blank message on Whatsapp

Where you can use an invisible character?

An invisible character or empty character is widely used where input filed is mandatory to fill like WhatsApp messages, Facebook posts, Instagram messages, tweets, and more.